The Hunting Lodge

A haven of calm in the heart of the Shroud

Welcome to the Hunting Lodge, home of the Wyld Hunt. Our doors are always open and we welcome those from all walks of life.For those of you who may seek to walk the path of the hunter, we issue contracts obtained from all the city states and from private clients. Should you be seeking work then do not hesitate to find us.Those who need something, or someone found can come to us in the assurance that we will place their task into the hands of a skilled and dedicated hunter.Any of those amongst you who may be craftsmen, our workshop is always looking for skilled workers. The hunting teams can be sent to obtain any materials required and we have a range of equipment ready for use.Finally, for those seeking some rest and relaxation, we have the bar and restaurant as well as a spa.Please find a copy of our menu down below.For any queries, please contact Mihk'a Tayuun